The NeverEnding Story

by Spring.Fall.Sea

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We started writing "The NeverEnding Story" inspired by the idea of experimenting with sounds and instruments we don't usually use. It is important to us to make a clear statement about how we personally perceive this record in our discography. We are fans of music and art in many different forms and shapes. Even though "The NeverEnding Story" seems to appear very different to our first record, it comes from the same source and has the same intention.
To us, this is a concept EP and we don't see it as our second release. Working on this music refreshed our minds to go into the next phase of writing the second Spring.Fall.Sea record.

All Music written by Spring.Fall.Sea
Recorded by Spring.Fall.Sea
Recorded at Ari Studio Bangkok
Produced by Spring.Fall.Sea Production
Distributed by Newlights Production
Artwork by Hannah Theodorou

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released April 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Spring.Fall.Sea Bangkok, Thailand

Formed in Bangkok, Thailand, 2015.

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Track Name: Bliss
Sometimes, when we feel like we are on the right path, doing the right thing, and we feel fully content, that's when we experience a pure feeling of being alive.
We strive and we struggle and sadly we often miss that our goal is right in front of our eyes. We make plans and we compromise and we hardly ever live for the moment. We feel like there's something missing and forget that it is happening right now
Track Name: Nathan House
R.I.P. Nathan House
Track Name: Grains
Sometimes we have a long road ahead of us, and we think it's so terribly long that we'll never make it. That's what we think.
And then you start rushing, and you rush, and you rush. Every time you look up, you see that the road is no shorter than it was before.
And you stress, and you strain, and you start getting frightened.

You must never think of the whole road all at once, you understand?
You must always think of only one, just one step at a time.
Then it's fun, that's important, then you do your job well.
And that's how it should be.
All of a sudden, you realize you've gone the whole way, step by step, and you didn't even notice how you did it. You aren't even out of breath.
That's important.

Tell me what is time anyways?
Time itself must be something. Is it a kind of music you just don't hear because it's always playing?
Although, sometimes i think i have heard it.
Track Name: Gold (feat. Asia)
Your eyes are verbatim to your soul
I can read them like a book
The world takes you in as gold
An urban legend told

Don't want no change
Just be the same
No need to change
I love this way
Wisely insane
Love on my brain